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Sep 20, 2020
North Central West Virginia
So, I'm very new to
this. I got my girls in May, they were little chicks from Royal King. In my state you can only buy a minimum of 6, so we got 6. The only ones they had available at the time was what they said was blue laced red Wyandottes . Turns out 1 was a blue laced, 3 were golden laced and the other 2 could possibly be blue. I'm not complaining because they are all beautiful. So, they are now 7 months old and I just wanted to share the good news that today one on my girls laid their first egg. It was a happy surprise to see a egg in their coop today. Like I said, I am new to this and finding a egg made my day. :)
First eggs are like Christmas day when you are little. So exciting and you just can't wait. You are so excited that you do a little dance and find yourself singing or humming throughout the day. Everyone you know learns that you have your first egg!
The next first egg will also be just as special!!
Everyday feels like Christmas now. So far as of today, I've collected 25 eggs this month. I now have 2 hens laying. I keep track of every egg on my calendar. I collect about 2 eggs a day now.
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