My goats have decided...


11 Years
May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
they would like to be free ranged from now on. They jump the fence 4-5 times a day until we give up and open the gate. They walk around in the yard, sunbathe on the front deck, and eat the lilac bushes. They greet the neighbor when he walks his dog down the road, and greets the cars that pull in the driveway. They scare the UPS man, and get treats from the mail lady.

We're replacing their fence soon.

Oh thank you. I was begining to think mine were the only ones that did that.
They are adorable. My boys escape all the time. Bad goats. But I love them so much. They love to follow me around. Good luck with your new fence. Let me know how long it lasts.
Oh my boys rip their fence apart.
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Ours are hilarious. We have a pygmy that can't get out so she just stands there. These two are a year old and make us laugh everyday. Our neighbors find it hilarious to drive down the driveway and have to yell to get the goats out of the road. We live on a private drive in 10 acres with 3 neighbors and all of them are fine with it. They normally stay in the yard though. I know nothing will keep them in but electric, but we are just putting in wood posts and stapling everything really tight so that they can't bend it over as much. We have sections that are bent to the ground.
We had a goat several years back - she would climb her fence and go eat the neighbor's roses. The neighbor thought it was kinda cute the first two times......

My stepdaughter had bought her at a flea market when she was 2 weeks old after hearing that her mother had died giving birth. That goat was a beast - we ended up giving her to our local zoo. They tried putting her in the petting zoo but she sent too many kids airborne, tried putting her in with the cutest boy goat ever but she beat him up, and finally just put her in a pen by herself. We still visit her every month or so.
We are putting in wood posts too. And they bend theirs and rip it apart. My girls are the sweetest in the world. They don't escape. Girls are so different than boys.
My phone just rang and I stepped outside for better reception, my Doe was out AGAIN.... My Whether was a good boy and stayed in (or he is just dumb enough to not have figured out the latest escape route yet
) Fixed the fence, again. Ours get out about once every 3 months, I need to expand their pen so they can stop being bored.
We just expanded their run so that they had 1/4 acre all to themselves. We also got wooden spools and picnic tables and made a playground for them. They just think the grass is better on the other side.

These two I got for my 19th birthday and we knew they were going to be trouble from the start.

Their names are Ruby Sue (Brown with the ear flip (named after the little girl in Christmas Vacation) and Lucy Mae and they are both either pure Boer or Boer/Nubian Crosses. The first day we brought them home they were 3 months old. Well, we were taking them out of the car and they decided to escape. They took off and Lucy into the garage where we trapped her, but Ruby was out. Then our pygmy got out and chased Ruby through the cornfield (5 acres) and into a 20 acre plot of woods about 1/4 mile from our house. Belle(pygmy) then trotted back like nothing happened. Ruby was in the wood for 3 days by herself and we thought we would never be able to catch her and she would die. During my birthday party we spotted her running through the field. My stepfather, brother, and 4 of my older guy cousins formed a group and went off to do some goat ranglin' They sprinted in back and forth for 30 min chasing her before they wore her out enough. It was both a really funny and very happy moment when we looked down the round and saw the group walking back (hangover style) bloody, and scratched up, carrying a little goat.
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