My guinea went insane and almost killed my rooster. What the heck!


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Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
As the title says, I had a guinea go absolutely crazy and it nearly killed my most dominant rooster. I culled the guinea which I felt bad about but the aggression was just so hazardous to the rest of my flock I had to do it. My rooster was wedged under an old car in my back yard(sounds redneck, i know). He was nearly dead, wedged so tight he was stuck in the wheel well, and the guinea was just attacking him. I couldn't get him to stop, I tried everything. It was hours of relentless attacking. Ok I am getting long-winded, I guess I am just bothered by it all.

Is there a reason my guinea went bonkers? Is it mating season for guineas? I only had three guineas, two males one female, could that have been a contributing factor? I just want to figure out the problem so it doesn't happen again. It has been a stressful weekend.
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Guineas need a substantial sized flock of their own (10 or more) to stay focused on each other and not become overly chicken aggressive... especially the males, during the breeding season. They are protective/obsessive of their Hens, to the point of killing to do it in a way they feel is effective. But when they have plenty of their own kind to pick on they tend to leave other birds alone. Extra Hens to male ratio always seems to work out best, especially in mixed poultry flocks. Sorry for the loss of the Guinea (did you at least process him and eat him?)... and I hope your rooster recovers, I would of course keep an eye on the other male Guinea, he may do the same thing.
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The rooster seems to be doing fine. I did not eat the guinea because I just felt bad. I did not want to eat my pet. I don't feel like it's a waste because I think I would have just felt guilt for eating him. He's an old bird, too. Probably not the best tasting. Anyways thanks and all seems to be OK now.

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