My hen has a broken foot? Please see pictures.

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11 days ago I heard commotion, grabbed the rifle, ran outside and saw my hen, Miss Peewee, the only one with a name, being carried away in a coyote's mouth. Managed to shoot the coyote, my hen got away and scurried into the woods, but didn't see her again until 3 days later when she came stumbling back home. I think her foot is broken.

She will put some weight on her leg, hobble around using the back of her "ankle". But mostly just stands on one foot and not getting around much. As you can see from photo, her foot will go straight, but that's me placing it straight. And she'll hardly put any weight on it. And I have to straighten every toe for her or it'll curl backwards like the one picture. She is eating and drinking good. And responds to my voice with happy chirps. I separated and confined her to a 3 foot by 2 foot area. She seems content.

But after 11 days, she is still having a hard time getting around. Has not improved on it's own, so far. What should I do? Just wait to see if it heals on it's own

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It wil heal eventually, but not in a normal position. I have one who was attacked by a coyote a couple of years ago who looks much like her. She has trouble getting around, but she does, moving once a day outside to "her"bush, then back to her sleeping spot. Still lays an egg every other day. Are you sure it's the foot and not higher up the leg?
I'm not sure it's just the foot, could be further up on her leg. But she seems to be able to move the leg while the foot just dangles. Thanks. I guess she'll be separated from the other chickens for a while, when I did try letting her out to mingle, they picked on her and now she acts like she's afraid of the others. I thought about getting a couple young chicks to put in there with her, to keep her company.
The coyote exerts a fair amount of pressure with its jaws when it's doing a snatch, grab and run. I would speculate that your hen might have some deep tissue and tendon damage which will eventually resolve or get better (think of a bad bruise or a sprain and how ouchy it can be). Did you check her for any puncture wounds? That could be a big concern for infection.

I got up this morning and saw four coyotes cavorting on our front lawn. Unfortunately, we live in a "No shooting coyotes allowed" township.... ridiculous, I know. The only saving grace I can say about their presence is that it keeps the rabbit population in check. Drives the neighborhood dogs nutz and everyone with livestock is making the fencing purveyor rich. I am getting tired of cleaning up coyote poop.

Good luck with your bird. Glad she made it home and hope she's doing lots better soon.
I decided to just keep her cooped up in a smallish cage, 3 foot by 2 foot approximately and let it heal on it's own, no splint. She can straighten it out on her own and is putting some weight on it now. The last couple days I've been letting her out on the porch to get some exercise and letting a couple of the nice hens in to visit with her. She is doing really well. She kind of throws the one leg out in front of her as she tries to walk or flaps her wings and hops on one foot. But, it's a lot better than it was. Took weeks to start healing up good.
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I had a hen get taking as well (stray dog, not coyote) and managed to get her away from it. I did the same as you. Seperated her from the flock, and let it heal. 4 months later she is out with the flock and recovering fine. Limps a little but no to much. Time, rest, and tlc can do wonders. Hope yours heals as well! Best of luck!
I didn't sleep too well last night because I heard the coyote pack barking. Turned on both porch lights and took my lantern flashlight and surveyed things. Eyes in field across street but the concern was seeing eyes that were lower move at edge of neighbors yard from road/field side toward the back. Coop, though not fully finished I think was a slight barrier if they came closer, sits between my house and where I saw the eyes (but saw no white tails so think it was dogs not deer). Too many eyes to be raccoons.

I was fretful all night even though they are locked in the cheap little TS coop (inside the larger frame of in progress coop).

I hope your hen gets better. Wish she had never been snagged. Be careful with integration back into the flock. She may always be the lowest now and the flock may reject her or hurt her.
my chicken foot may have got broken by my cat and i have seperated her from the others in a small blue basket i need to know how long it will take it to heal and what do i need to know why they have black places on her leg.

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