My hen has been limping for 3 months!!


Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Washington
I have a silver laced wyadotte who I found limping after my dog ran into the coop to steal an egg. We assumed she had a sprained ankle, and there was no swelling no heat, no bumblefoot, really no sight of injury what so ever, but she didn't hardly want to stand on it. Over the course of three days, she had gotten better, walking slightly, but still limping quite a bit. We kept her in a kennel for a week, then when she stared walking we put her in our duck pen, with a broody duck. She mostly just sat there next to out broody, and they got along great! If she got to close, out duck would snap at her and she would step back. We gave her vitamins in her water and kept the food close to her. She stayed sitting in the duck pen for a bout two weeks hardly moving and getting plenty of rest. Then finally our broody gave up, because the eggs didn't make it and we released her out with our ducks and she was still limping! She had hardly any movement, which is the treatment for a sprain and she is still gimpy? I thought maybe it was slipped tendon, since it wasn't healing, but there was no swelling AT ALL. I am so confused. Is she just gonna have a permanent limp? She runs around the duck pen no problem, but has a noticeable limp when she is walking. When she is standing she lifts her foot off ground and hesitates to put it down. I am so confused, what could be going on, I will try and post a video, but don't have a youtube amount and don't feel the need to make one, I hav another idea on how to get it to pos though. Thanks, Avery

Overo Mare

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Aug 26, 2019
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I'm not too sure what's going on. I'm up to my ears in sick and disabled birds right now though.

A video will definitely help. Hopefully one of the others will be by soon to give input!


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Feb 7, 2014
After 3 months since it has improved and she can walk I wouldn't worry about it.

I have a Buff Orpington like that. She likely broke her leg when she was a year old and she is at least 7 now. It happened at the breeders, and they gave her to me when she had recovered enough to be walking.

She had a noticeable limp for a couple of years. She is 7 now and may still limp a little but it is hard to say, though at roost time she comes galloping across the yard like a dinosaur and wants me to lift her onto the roosts as she can't jump up anymore.

Sounds to me like your girl is okay and there isn't anything you can do about it especially at this point. I always assumed my hen had likely fractured her leg and since it was never set it healed a bit "off" but she is doing fine.

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