My hen is crowing


Apr 16, 2017
I thought we had a rooster as we have 3 chicks that hatched back in May. I heard crowing starting about a week ago, so I went to have a good look. All three look like definite hens, so I figured I was just wrong and one must be a rooster.
One morning my husband was watching the hens come out in the morning and he said “I think Boots is crowing”. Boots is our 2 year old Ameraucana girl. I told him he’s crazy.
This morning I watched Boots clumsily come out onto the ramp from the coop, and proceed to crow. She crows about 5 times every morning and then that’s it.
Anyone ever had a crowing hen?
Anyone ever had a crowing hen?
An EE in molt one fall/winter.
I too suspected one of the pullets until I finally caught her at it.
She would do duets with the cock every morning and even help herd the other birds.
She stopped crowing when she went back into lay in late winter.
One of my OEG X (JAP X D'UCCLE) has started crowing this year again. She started last year when she was just on two years old; she was practicing then... I was thinking... What in the hell was that... Then I saw it nearly breaking its own neck to get it out... Only did it a few times last year.

I knew what it was as soon as I heard it a week ago... Much better at it now. She it with a roo (OEG) and 4 more hens like her loving free range around the house yard. And she's just tried to go clucky... Lays PLENTY of eggs.

I haven't had a hen that crows before. But I have seen them... Umm.. serve each other...
I have a 2 yr old Sebright hen named Moonshine that crows when she's in broody jail in the basement, which is right now! But if I go down to do a video, she shuts up. But really, she sounds just like a little rooster, crowing over and over! She tends to be a loudmouth all the time, but only actually crows in this situation.
Moonshine broody 9-27-19.jpg
I have a Mille Fleur d'Uccle that started crowing about 3 mos ago. She's about 2 years old now. Lays an egg every other day. I thought it was one of my newer Welsummers even though at 5 mos once of them would have looked a bit roo-ish by now. She mostly crows if I'm late letting them out, but the neighbors says she hears croaking little crows now and then while I'm at work.
I had an elderly Hamburg that crowed. It sounded like someone strangling a big owl. :rolleyes:

Right now I have an aging/molting barnevelder that "crows" a few times every morning then stood for the day.
I hope it is a molting thing that stops soon. :hmm
She is in molt right now, I bet that has something to do with it!!
She lays a blue egg every day since she started laying 1 1/2 yrs ago. She actually often will lay twice a day, she’s my only hen that does that.
Has anyone found a way to train them to not crow? I don't mean a crow collar. I have 2 more hens then I'm allowed to have & I fear my hens crowing is gonna lead me to having to get rid of 2 hens if city finds out. My girl is in nightly chicken jail @ the moment till I figure out what to do :(

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