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Aug 2, 2018
Last week one of my 2 barred rock hens were killed and eaten by a predator, the other hen was gone for 2 days before she came back. We thought they were both killed initially.. Now that she is back, we have been putting her in the coop with our 3 Wyandottes so she isn't alone.. She now stays in the coop alone in the day and seems very sad and secluded. We since got 5 more chickens, Americana, and Easter Eggers.. I'm hoping she will get comfortable joining the other breeds, I feel very bad for her. What can I do? Has anyone had to deal with a sad chicken, and or deal with a lone breed joining other breeds? :(
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Sorry for your loss. It will take time but she should recover. She has been through quite an ordeal. When things change the birds usually adapt with some time. Spoil her a little. Good luck...


Mar 5, 2020
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No one is trained in chicken psychology. However, she's gone through some trauma and probably needs time to recover. Make sure she's eating, drinking, and uninjured. Give her some treats. Beyond that, give it time. Its hard to lose a companion. My two Blue Rocks stick together, while an Easter Egger and Golden Wyandotte are close. The feathered birds hardly interact with my Silkies. Flock politics are weird.


Aug 24, 2019
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I haven't been through it yet with chickens, but have had multiple horses that were very bonded and one passed away. It's gut wrenching to watch them so lost and sad. We try to pair them up with another buddy that is sweet and similar age and energy. We're lucky to have 8 horses, so several to pick from. Then we spend extra time grooming them. Grooming raises oxytocin and makes them feel calm. It also helps them to bond. I'm not sure how to groom on a chicken except give a warm bath, but maybe it would raise her spirits? Classical music that is calm and soothing also works to calm them.

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