My hen is limping too!

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    Our two year old red star has a strange limp and I can't figure out the source [​IMG]. I think that the limp started as a result of an over zealous, virile young rooster we used to have, because he was pretty big and she was his favorite. It started last week, and she still favors her left foot/leg. I haven't been able to find any open wounds on the bottom of her foot, and my dad (a nurse) checked her leg for swelling and/or sprains but found nothing. She still eats and drinks and lays, but limps while she does it. She has been separated from the rest of the flock, although they never picked on her as a result of her injury. I doubt it, but please help us make her better. She doesn't seem to be in obvious pain, but the leg is making it harder for her to get around. Also, she doesn't have any raised scales from mites, and her leg seems normal, except for that limp. We think she may have pulled a tendon or something like that--it's been over a week! Thanks!

    I checked her foot, and I didn't see any black spots, is bumblefoot really noticeable?
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    No black spots on the bottom of the foot indicating bumblefoot?
    When I had a hen that sprained her leg, we isolated her in a dog kennel that was big enough for her to get out of her own poo, eat, drink and turn around, but not any larger than that.
    With a day's rest her leg was better, but it may take several days if your hen has been limping for awhile.
    Good luck to you and [​IMG]

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