My hen is sick........what is wrong

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    Sep 5, 2009
    My white ameraucana hen isnt eating and her keal bone is as sharp as a knife.She just hudles in a corner.She is drinking though.Could it be she dosnt like the feed.I bought her at the Ohio National this year.I feed her Purena Layena with some mixed seed.Il post pics later.
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    She is going light, and there can be many causes.

    What is the condition of her crop? Vent? Is she/was she laying?

    Any sign of worms or blood in her droppings?

    Get her out of the flock immediately for a thorough erxamination. She needs a warm, dry, draft-free place, possibly a dog cage draped with a blanket. Her own food/water.

    Do you have access to a vet?
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