My Hen is walking and acting strangely I just can't figure it out. CAN YOU HELP?

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Ikan Ikan

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7 Years
Dec 13, 2012
Hi Everyone!

I would like to pick your brains about a hen I have that has been walking in a strange manner. I seems to raise each leg up and down as it walks forward. I thought broken leg but I don't think so. When it steps forward with each leg I have noticed that it catches on the front underneath of the chicken. It looks like the chest or pouch in the front seems to be drooping and the hen catches its feet on it as it walks. I know this is not normal but what could the problem be? I was thinking to myself that it might be a tumour or something like that because the hen has difficulty walking forward with that pouch at the front drooping that much. Can anyone help with this please. I really don't know if it is serious or whether it is something that will come right by itself.

I will value any advice given thank you.

Kind Regards

It sounds neurological in nature, but is the pouch you are describing, an overly large crop? Have you checked to see if the crop is normally empty in the early morning? Did your chicken have a Mareks vaccine as a chick? Mareks disease, vitamin deficiency causing odd movements such as wry neck, an infectious disease, or poisoning or a toxin could be some possible reasons for neurological symptoms. Sometimes a video is helpful in these cases.
Hi There!

I chickens have never had a Mareks vaccine. They have always been happy and healthy with no access to any toxins etc. If I could send you a video on here I would. But I simply don't know how to add a video to the forum. I you would be so kind to tell me I would post it for you to see.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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