My hen wont go broody

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  1. abautis2

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    Nov 30, 2016
    Hello i wanted to ask a question if anybody might have an answer or suggestion let me know. I have 3 hens which i think they might be easter eggers. One of my hen has already collected 20 eggs but wont go broody. Can i expect for her to do so or should i just move on and collect my eggs. All my hens are with a rooster in a i have seen him mount all of the hens. I really want to hatch some chicks. Thanks.
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    Collect the eggs. There's no point of leaving them in the nest until you have a broody hen, which may or may not happen with Easter eggers. Increasing light levels in the spring may cause some hens to go broody, but there's really nothing you can do to encourage it if the hen is not inclined to go broody.
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    Having a rooster will not make your hens broody. Some breeds are very prone to brooding. Other breeds have had broodiness bred out almost completely. I have never had an Easter Egger go broody, and I've got several. If you want chicks, buy an incubator. Leaving a pile of eggs sitting around will not make a hen brood. Eggs should be collected daily. If a hen does go broody, mark a few eggs and set them under her all at once. Check daily for any additions and remove them. That way, all the eggs are ready to hatch at the same time.
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    Its pretty unlikely for a hen to go broody at this time of the year.Easter eggers are not a broody breed anyway.But it can still happen.Its pretty rare to have a broody chicken anyway.Also welcome to BYC
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    If you want to hatch on your own schedule, your best bet is to get an incubator. You never know when a hen is going to go broody, but you can set the incubator any time you want.

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