My hen wont let my rooster mount?


9 Years
Apr 17, 2010
My hen has laid two eggs already and it still seems like she wont let my rooster mount her. Any have any suggestions on what i should do? They've been together for a little more than a week, maybe two weeks now. I've thought that maybe she isn't used to him yet? but i have other roosters and she seems to be interested in the other ones but not the ones i've put her with. I'm picky when it comes to breeding haha. Today i let them freerange for an hour or so and on two instances my rooster tried to mount her but she kept squirming and didn't want any of it. I've tried to hold the female in front of him. The male then doesnt pay any attention to her when i do that. Any suggestions on what i should do? Any help would be appreciated.
I really wouldn't intervene. . .. .

Just leave them together longer. ... If he doesn't have any other ladies to spend his energies on, then he is more likely to focus all his efforts on her.
If she is older / bigger than him, then he will need to mature before he can dominate her.
Agree! Just give them time
. He's got to impress her for her to go along with it, give them some more time and it will be fine. I have a Roo that grew up with 4 hens and one Barred rock would not let him come near her for a month once they got to the right age. Every time he tried to get his groove on she ran away into the coop!
Eventually though, everything worked out.
Its not so much that hes not focusing all his energy on her its that she doesn't seem to care or seem to want to engage in the mating process at all. My rooster is definitely bigger than the hen and they're around the same age. My hen being a little more than a year old and my rooster is almost a year old. I've never had this problem before though, usually before hens start to lay they start letting roosters mount but she is the opposite. I hope she changes her mind soon!
I would hope she isn't like that. My hen is black and the rooster is gray. I just hope she gets used to him sooner than later otherwise I would be wasting my time with breeding these two.
I agree with the other posts. He will eventually succeed. Sometime some of my hens don't want to be mounted but my roo usually gets his way eventually.

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