My hens are getting beat up


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I have 4 hens and 2 Roos. My hens backs are getting torn up bad from my Roos. I'm going to try and build a separate coop for them, but is there some type of wrap I can put on them or is separating them the best thing? Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!
Personally, I would separate them for right now...or get more gilrs! that is too few hens for your roos...but they do make chicken aprons to protect your girl's backs!
I had a similar problem with two of my hens but they had also lost a lot weight. I separated them for a few days to ensure that they were getting enough to eat and to give them a bit of peace from the rest of the flock. I let them out to free range with the rest of the flock for a little bit every day also, as I didn't want any upset when I brought them back into the flock full time. Once they were healthy enough I brought them back into the flock and several months on they seem fine. It seems that roosters tend to have their favourites and these two hens (the older two) were theirs and had just worn them down a bit. I'm guessing that by separating them, the roosters found that the other hens were just as good as have shared their attention a little more fairly.

It's important to keep a regular check on the health and behaviour of the individual hens. This makes for a good rationale to spend some quality time in the yard/run with them every few days!
I have 1 roo to 6 hens. I read the ideal is 1 roo to 10 hens. I would give the girls some down time.Add some aprons. Roos can be quite aggressive in their mating.
1. Order or make chicken saddles for your hens (sold here on BYC through the "everything else" auctions)
2. Until you get saddles, keep your roos separate from your hens
3. Get rid of at least one of your roosters or add about 10 more hens
After delegating 3 of the roos that I was ensured was hens, I am now down to 1 roo and 1 hen.

Question is will this be alright in that he wont beat up on her to much come February when they hit around 26 weeks old or should I look into getting a saddle for her any ways?

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