My hens are sick


6 Years
Mar 20, 2014
I started them on antibiotics about 4 days ago, because they all sound awful! Almost like they have bronchitis. They are eating, but when I put the medicine in their water they will sip it occasionally, but don't drink very much of it. Is there something that I can put in it to help encourage them to drink more? Any other suggestions?

Yeah I am pretty sure...well, I got them in the spring and some are starting to lay. They sound horrible.
you could add some sugar and/or ACV.

I'm not trying to be smart but I'm curious what made you decide they had something an antibiotic would cure? Many respiratory problems are viral, fungal, environmental and nutritional. A rather small percentage are bacterial and of those not all are curable with antibiotics.
That's okay, your not being smart...I appreciate any suggestions. We are new to this. Well because they started sneezing and then coughing and started sounding horrible. I guess after I started them on vitamins and VETrx and neither were working, I thought what else can I do...

Like I said, all suggestions are highly appreciated.
I will definitely try the ACV, I was actually going to do that last night, but didn't know if that would interfere or effect the antibiotics so I decided against it.
Usually you can have your birds tested to see what you are up against, depending on where you are it is probably even free. Like chickencanoe said, very good chance it isn't bacterial. If they have been on antibiotics for four days with no improvement, it is either not bacterial, or you don't have the right antibiotic for what they have. Some people on this forum are very good at diagnosing based on symptoms, but without a test it is just a best guess. Also, if you need to get meds into sick chicks, than a syringe and feeding them directly always works better than in the water in my opinion. That way you can make sure they get the proper dosage. Good luck, it is so sad when our birds are sick!
So, I don't mean to sound stupid
but would I just take one of my hens to the vet and have them test her? I can try to syringe, with their size, it could be a little I think that I am going to try the sugar in this mornings fresh water and see if I can get them all to drink more.
I know abserbean I just feel helpless. My girls would be devastated if we lost any (which I know things happen and I have explained to them as well when we first got chickens). Their silkies are their BABIES!

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