my hens are weird ~ or are they: laying locations

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    May 15, 2008
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    Hi everyone!

    I haven't stopped by in awhile due to life but had some time today so here I am. My girls are happily in laying pattern I am proud to say and I have had very little to do with that lol...[​IMG] We get about 18-21 eggs per week, 1 a day from each RSL and 2 a day with 1 day rest after that from our Cornish X. [​IMG]

    I never built nest boxes and they've been very content to lay in their "house" on the dirt since the beginning.

    However at some point a couple of months ago, I noticed that we weren't getting the usual eggs daily and wondered if something was happening. After a couple of days of no eggs in their "house" I had an anxiety attack and went roaming in the yard. Well these chickens dug a sort of a nest in the dirt underneath a shelf and cooler. I hnc how any of them (esp Chick-Chick) could even fit under there but there was the proof: 8 eggs!

    They seem to wander the yard and pick places they like to make little dirt nests. They also sometimes get all OCD about laying in their "house" and go all the way back there instead of laying in their dirt nest.

    Anyone else's hens pick and choose where they lay their eggs? I noticed a lot of people's hens are consistent with where they lay but I seem to have a lot who likes variety...[​IMG]
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    Mine have alot of hay in their hen house, and there are nesting boxes, but they make nests all over the place in there and lay where they choose. I think the key is the hay - they are comfortable to choose where they lay.

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