My hens don’t get along


11 Years
May 28, 2011
My hens have been living together for two plus years and all of the sudden, some of the more dominant have become so aggressive with my other what I would say easy going hens. While they have been nasty in general, they are really aggressive towards one chicken who is not sick - just older. She is so nervous and running for her life.

My egg production across the whole house is down. I have segregated the one they are being really nasty to. But how do I bring harmony back to the house? I will not have someone just be tormented.

Actually, I think you separated the wrong one. I think you need to pull the bully. I would see if that calms things down. It sounds like you have a lot of tension in your flock. You might need to cull a couple of birds.

Chickens really don't make forever friends, and being raised together is just not a predictor of life long behavior.

What are the measurements of the coop and number of birds. But I would at first cull the bully, then if it does not improve, cull the victim. By cull I mean remove from your flock, often times it is easy to sell hens.

Solve for peace in the flock, it improves their lives and your enjoyment of the hobby. You really often times can't keep them all.

Mrs K

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