My hens have tried to peck my cockerel to death please help


10 Years
Aug 1, 2009

I have two golden sea brights and as they got broody I got them some eggs from the interent. They hatched two white polishh bantams in May. One is a cockerel, he is very gentle and only found his voice this week, he is always the last
to leave the pen. Today they two sea brights have pecked and pecked at his head and drawn blood his poor litle head is all full of blood., I was really worried they would kill him. I have put him in a cage where he can see them.
I have a 10 ft run and a wide opening for them but not really space for him to hide. A friend who has a farm has offered to take him tomorrow. I don't want to lose him but worried they would start on him while they are in their pen at night. They went for him while one of them was laying the other is not laying since hatching the chickens. Will they start on the polish bantam hen? Is it best to give him to a new home, I am heart broken
Polish chickens are frequent targets of harassment by other birds because of their unusual hair-dos. You are not the first to report a Polish being scalped by its coop mates. I think you are making the right decision in re-homing him. That still leaves the question of whether the Polish hen will be scalped next, and that I cannot answer. It is possible and even likely that she will be attacked next, but you can't know for sure unless it happens. Sometimes a little hair cut off the top is helpful in making a Polish blend in with the crowd a bit more, so the others won't start picking. Maybe some little nooks she can scoot into to escape harassment. I'd be closely watching the chicken interactions over the next few days to ensure your other Polish is not getting targeted.

Good luck.

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