My Hens Haven't layed in a long time!!! Please help..


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May 6, 2012
I have 4 hens and all but one completely stopped laying approximately 2 weeks ago. Our hen Amber, which is a hybrid breed still lays like clockwork every single morning. I wired power to my coop and installed a timer to turn on at 4am and off at 7am. Back on at 6pm and turn off at 7pm. I live in Seattle Washington and figured this would provide adequate "mimic day light" to have them begin laying again. It has been 4-5 days and still no laying. Any ideas? I am certain the light works, its a 60 watt day-light bulb if this is relevant. My wife and I had to go buy store eggs again, we need help :)

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Nope, still have all their feathers. Maybe one or two a day in the coop or outside. We think a snake slithered in the coop and scared them. Were not sure, cause I got bit by a snake on the ankle right around the time they quit laying and I was right beside the coop when I got hit by the snake.
Mine are first year, they began laying daily in late August-Early Sept. I am not familiar with molting, but their feathers look good. I have noticed a greater than normal amount of feathers on their poop deck, so maybe they are molting? I was so excited about the timer idea and that we would have eggs again, but they have just simply stopped.
Are you sure they aren't laying some where else? Today I found 40+ eggs in an old stump. Guess most of my hens decided that was a better spot than the coop!
All seven of my girls have taken a vacation from laying eggs. They are a year and a half old and they are going through a big molt. They mottled once last year lightly, but they still layed eggs. I add a little more protein to their diet to help but if they don't get back into action I'll have no eggs in the fridge and will have to resort to a neighbors hens for more. I know it's cheap in the market but now I'm ruined by quality product.

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