My Hens on a Webcam


9 Years
Nov 7, 2010
If anyone is bored and would like to watch my hens, I have them on a streaming webcam (actually they are on two cams, 2 separate angles). My home page is:

Click on "Webcams" on the left menu (5th button from top), then click on whichever angle you want. The top two cams are the chicken cams (the one on the right is probably the best angle). The left middle is my African Grey parrot (with her TV), the middle middle is my koi pond, the right middle is my underwater cam on the koi pond, the bottom left is the backyard with my potbelly pigs, and the last two cams are my chinchillas. My dachshunds are in the bedroom but no cam in there!!!!!

I have a waterfall on the koi pond but it's turned off right now because it has a small leak.....
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Extremely cool!

Is this a program you built?
The camera set up.

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