My hens skull is exposed!! Help needed...


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Dec 16, 2011
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I was at the farm and feed store today, and there was a wounded hen there. She is a Rhode Island Red and the guy who worked there said she had been attacked by another hen and a rooster at her previous home. She was at the farm store for a week and a half. They gave her to me so that I could offer something nicer for her. Here's where the help is needed: she has a quarter sized spot on the back of her head with her skull fully exposed. It's horrible looking. I feel so bad for her. She is currently next to the other hens I have but in her own section of the coop. It is spacious and she started eating the goodies I gave her right away. Any ideas of what else I can do? Should I leave her in her own area for a couple weeks? How fast will she heal? Any ointment to help her heal? Pain meds? Exposed skull must be painful?!?! Any ideas will help, thanks all!
never expose your healthy flock with another bird unless your intentions are to replace your whole flock.
If the bird has been at the feed store for over a week and has not healed you might want to consider that.
does the bird have lice, mites, gleet?
ACV in drinking water
Balanced diet

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