My horse has a puncture wound


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Just sharing because I am sad and nervous for my horse, Tsaharah. She came up for breakfast very lame yesterday morning. The knee of her right front leg was swollen to 4x its normal size. The vet came and found a very small puncture wound right on the front of her knee. Right in the tiny area where the object may have punctured the fluid sac of the knee itself. She was stalled overnight and we changed the bandage this morning. We got a bit more fluid out today. We are cautiously optimistic, but there is still a good possibility that the knee joint is infected as well. I am hoping beyond hope that she is improved this afternoon. If so, she may just make it. At her age, I am not willing to put her through the stress of surgery. She, cool mare that she is, is completely oblivious to what is happening. She is cheery, chipper, and a real trooper. I rode her on Tuesday (before all this happened) and snapped a photo of her on a whim after we finished.


Hope she gets better.
Is the up to date on her tetanus shot? I think you could give her penicillin IM. but I forgot the dosage, because it has been a while. Check with a vet. She could also get some bute for the pain.
The vet has been out. She is on penicillin IM and gentamicin IM. I just did her spring vacs so she had her tetanus booster just at the beginning of May. It is just so scary! She has hundreds of square inches of body surface and she had to hit the tiny area that could affect one of the major joints of her body. Such talent. :)

She did seem better this evening. She is putting her weight on the leg, which I don't imagine she would do if the joint fluid was leaking out. So I think we are closer to being out of the woods!
I think we are going to start the triple antibiotic ointment on it today. The vet suggested not putting any on the first few days since there was so much drainage from the wound. The first day they got a good 1-1/2 cups and yesterday, the second day, we got about 1/4 cup. She is bandaged with a gamgee wrapped tight (but not too tight) with vetwrap. Will a triple antibiotic interfere with drainage? The major concern right now is whether the knee itself was punctured. It does not appear so. After 24 hours of treatment, she is still walking flat-footed on the leg. I can't imagine she would do that if the knee itself was infected, right?

The horse is starting to go crazy from being stalled so long. She is used to 24/7 turnout. I only use stalls for extreme weather.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions and thoughts!! This is the first major horse injury I have dealt with. Luckily, I have a very knowledgeable horsewoman helping me with most aspects of the care. And she is giving the antibiotic shots. They are 30cc apiece!
this may sound crazy, but put hydrogen perocide on it. Then, put neosporin on it. It helped a horse at the barn where I used to ride. The HP will clear up infection, and the neosporin will protect it. Then, keep it wrapped up. It'll help. I am studying to become a zet.
I agree with this^^^

I grew up with horses and the injuries they managed to cause themselves over the years at times *sigh*.

She sounds like she's doing good. As hard as that is to see it's great that she's putting weight on it and you didn't mention a fever. Being UTD on her tetanus is huge - trust me - I saw a horse get tetanus once and have to be put down.
That was hard to see...there were a lot of hard moments at times raising horses.

Overall though she sounds like she's doing good - normally with a puncture wound I would flush it with hydrogen peroxide. If it's possibly punctured the kneecap itself IDK - definitely make sure you keep it OPEN and draining and healing from the inside out so that it doesn't get infected.

I wouldn't worry about the antibiotics. Sounds good for now!

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