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    Nov 13, 2014

    This is my fish bin incubator that I'm trying to make fully automatic. Fish bin works really when at keeping the temp about right, the whole thing runs on 12 volts so you can run it off a car battery and use a charger to keep the battery topped up, power cuts not a problem any more

    I've got all the mechanics in a plastic bin for ease of cleaning, I'm using a geared stepper motor which rolls the eggs every hour one way and back the next. I've got two temp/humidity sensors i'm reading and averaging the results to try and keep it very accurate. two 21watt car indicator bulbs provide all the heat and they work great, get about 500-700 hours out of a bulb.
    i'm using an home made steam pippet (heating coil wrapped around a brass pipe) to keep the humidity up and constant.


    The yellow dish has a float switch which is topped up but the outside water bottle. First hatch was pretty good 7 out of 10. made a couple of changes and this time we are going with 25 eggs.

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