My Khaki Campbells eggs have been getting smaller

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Nov 29, 2018
Hi all
I have 1 laying female khaki Campbell nicky called flash. She is 1 year old and has been laying beautifully for months. In the last few days her eggs have been getting smaller, and this morning she layed one about half the size of her normal ones. Can anyone tell me what possible reasons/things may be causing this?

-she has 2 boys she was raised with,
-they all run together with my chickens, as they have since getting the chooks a few months ago. (She actually started laying only days after getting the chickens)
-I hatched out some babys which are penned separately till they're bigger, with a fence separating them from the flock.
-Same food and water supplied as normal.

Any input would be great
I’ve noticed sometimes my chickens/ducks/turkeys will lay a smaller egg before moulting, at which point they take a break from laying...really small eggs are called fart eggs and usually have no yolk, they can happen anytime. Not sure if this helps?

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