my kitten


Ostrich wrangler
12 Years
Aug 27, 2007
at the zoo usually
I love this little lady, but she is really pushing it today. First she climbed up on the kitchen counter. Then she tried to hang herself with the strap of a reusable shopping bag. Thank goodness I was right there to cut the strap.

Then she climbed up on the table, and onto the quail cage which is on top of the ferret. And this was all before 7 am. It's going to be a long day, I can feel it.
Just remember, Mouth-to-mouth works on cats too. Had a relative have to do it on stupid cat - but I think her owner was the stupider for putting a no-break away collar on her.

Its all part of the fun! Go to YouTube and look up the vids for Mean Kitty, Sparta... I don't know which is cuter.
Thanks for the information, I will keep it in mind. I may need it one day with "heck kitty".

Yeah, collars are iffy with cats. I know they can be a good idea, but can also be dangerous. I'll look up those videos, just hope Hershey doesn't get any ideas!

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