my ladies fixed a neighbor problem...

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    May 11, 2009
    i am SO proud of them i HAVE to share this. my neighbors are pretty nice people. but they have dogs and i get bothered cuz they just let them loose whenever without even watching them. i ONLY care cuz they Poo in my yard and its gross. otherwise they could care less bout the chickens, my cat, my dogs , my stuff (other than to Pee on it, Gross) you know. i just find it rude. well what i REALLY find Discusting is that they just chuck their trash out their door and let it pile up for a month or two. Everything under the sun tears open this trash and it of coarse ends up in MY yard. nothing is worse than some strangers kids dirty diapers ripped open in your front yard. Well, my chickens have done what NO OTHER creature has been able to do. they got these ppl to clean up her trash!!!!! they are taking it (seriously around the corner) to the dump as soon as the can is full, and actually putting the trash IN the can. oh my i am SO HAPPY.

    see, my girls figured out they can get Over the 4' run fence. it drives my roo crazy and he crows non stop till i get them back in. well that was fine when they were ok with STAYING in. they get out as quick as i put them back in. so i tried just letting them out when i knew the dogs wouldnt be out. no dice. they want out all the time, and guess why? the neighbors Trash pile!!! LMAO!!!!! i guess they didnt care that squirrels and dogs and cats etc etc were in it, just not those nasty chickens!!!! So, we have been training their dogs with the chickens too.

    (oh and i realize the double standard of its ok for MY chickens to raom into their yard, but not their dogs in MIne, well, i only didnt care cuz i figured turn about is fair play.

    ** sorry its so long!
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    Hope they don't start offing you flock in retaliation...
  3. kagedgoddess

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    May 11, 2009
    they wont, besides we'll be moving soon. the house we're buying has a 6' tall chicken run already, otherwise i'd be making more of an effort to contain my girls.
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    Too funny! I used to live on 6 acres and my neighbors all had property too so my dogs would run on my property, and pretty much stayed within 100 yards of the house but twice my one dog came home with some very odd things that apparently someone had tossed in the garbage or somehow my dog learned how to open a fridge or freezer LOL. He came home with a huge plastic bucket of what appeared to be
    gravy of some sort. It was just so big that I couldnt imagine anything but a restaurant having that much gravy. He was so proud of that container.. that he carried home from somewhere... unfortunately I took it away. Then a couple days later he came home with a HUGE bag of rolls... it was so funny as this stuff didnt necessarily look like trash but how the heck my dog got a hold of it.. I'll never know. My boyfriend thinks he raided someone's car as they were unloading it... He's so friendly though I cant imagine they wouldnt have seen him do it. Oh well, none of my neighbors every said I'll never know LOL

    Maybe they now are more careful with the storage or trashing of items like your neighbors! [​IMG]

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    Quote:Thats awesome! Cute story! [​IMG]

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