My last egg in the bator has pipped

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by melroseladi, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. melroseladi

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Melrose, Florida
    Four of the five eggs that I put in the bator have hatched and the last one has pipped. I put the five in the bator after Sophia stopped setting on them. They have been in lock down since the 30th, well past the 3 day normal lock down, but I thought if they were going to hatch it would be within a few days. I have not turned the eggs and candled them without taking them from the bator by lifting the lid of the bator slightly and placing a small flashlight on each egg.

    The first to hatch was Peeps, a pearl gray, and a feisty little thing who is in the brooder with the keets that are a week older then him. Then came my lav, who is pretty small but eating and drinking well. Next came 2 more pearl grays, hatching within hours of each other and who are slightly larger then the lav. I have the lav and those 2 keets in a brooder together. Last night the last egg pipped. I am excited to see what this last one is like.

    I am thankful that I opted to get the bator and was able to hatch the eggs, otherwise they would have been disposed of after Sophia quite setting.
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    Well congratulations! I don't have any guineas, but I'll bet they're darling! Post a pic if you can, because we would love to see the babies!

    Take care,
  3. damselfish

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    Just checking to see if the last one made it out...

    Pics, we love pics!
  4. melroseladi

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Melrose, Florida
    Yes last one is out, another pearl gray. I have 5 in one brooder and 4 in the other, both in my bedroom, uggg. I have one of the younger ones that peeps a lot more then the others, at all hours. They are all eating and drinking. I will try to get pics tonight and post them in the morning. They all run and scream when they see me, or when I am trying to feed and water them.

    My 2 buff dundottes are almost all white now. The female, who was the first hatched, is much bigger then the male. My lav is on the smaller side and mean, lol, so I am guessing it will turn out to be a male.

    Mom Sophia still has one baby left that she is raising. Not sure what happened to the other one but she was gone all night when she first snuck out with them. She came home the next day with just one. She has been roosting in the run with it since then.

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