My leukemia's back.

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    And I'd say that it won't be much longer and Sugar Monkey is not going to be happy about being Sugar Monkey....might start thinking about some more, um, he-man names. Well, I'm a fine one to talk, I guess, so never mind! Little Diane is in her 20s and a married woman, and weI still call her "Tootsie Roll", Bumbley, or Baby Diane. <sigh>

    Yes, what NFC said....shake that cold!
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    Feb 23, 2014

    Yes! Whoever eats it can also keep the mustache.

    Cool egg. I would agree it would be fun to have that egg in the egg basket.
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    Feb 23, 2014
    Blooie, Is this one better for you? No bad memories allowed! [​IMG]

    And Rachel, Agreed... Don't make us come over! We would then have to bring our many chickens, bunnies, dogs and, of course, Arvid the goat. So don't make us! Have your awesome honey make that taco salad and get the hamburger out of the freezer. Then you can make a comment about does he need some help getting warmed up?!
    Hmm now that I think about it... that would make a party!
    S.M. could be the new version...still meaning sugar monkey. Sounds like a nice time for him. Enjoy it.
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    Sugar Monkey is just how I refer to him on line, I rarely call him that in person. He'd probably prefer it to his in person nickname, though....Turkeybutt. Sometimes Turkel. or even Turk.

    Poor kid.......
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Arvid? Did someone call for Arvid?
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    Oh, but nicknames are a sign of affection, right? And, and the more nicknames one has attached to them, the more affectionately they are regarded, right? So when you call him these things, you are reminding him how much he is loved.[​IMG]

    (Or maybe just reminding him about the fringe element he's related to)[​IMG][​IMG]
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    May 3, 2009
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    DW - Princess, Bulldog, E

    DS - Onion

    DD - Pickle, Weasel

    Sour - Mr Perfect [​IMG]

    Yes, signs of affection - to a point.
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    I only had one nick name for my son and it is a sweet common cute little name... but he shoots lightning bolts from his eyes and growls if you use it.
    So...We only use in front of girls.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Terms of endearment for my better half: Mr. Mows It All (because he takes such pride in his lawn, and loves to mow his lawn... and mows it so very well that he sometimes forgets where lawn ends, and Lazys gardens begin. He's mowed down high bush blue berries, and rhubarb. Takes special delight in mowing down zucchini. I once caught him trying to mow down a cherry tree.) I now put big boulders at corners of my gardens. Other term of endearment: Hyacinth. Named after the lady in the British sit. com. I forget the name of the show. But her husband's name was Richard. She hen pecked the daylights out of him. He never could eat a piece of toast, or finish a cup of tea b/c the minute he'd start, she'd be whisking it away, and cleaning up. I'll get stuff out to start a project, and hubby will come along behind me and "do a favor" by putting it all away. It's taken me 41 years of marriage to train him to leave my half finished drinks so I can finish them! As much fun as it is to tease him, he's been an incredible support with my gardening and chickening, even though they are so far removed from his interests!
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    Oh, I just LOVED to watch "Keeping up Appearances!" I get to be Onslo......

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