My little buddy


Nov 12, 2019
This little girl is so special! We put 21 chicken eggs in the incubator, two weeks after the fact we realized that we did not turn the rotator on. Along with that there were two days where the incubator got too hot so we did not think that any of the eggs would hatch. This little girl showed herself so tiny, one of the tiniest chiicks I've ever seen, and she was the only one to hatch out!! Being the only chick she is only used to me, and she is my little miracle. My little buddy. when I play with her and pick her up, after I put her down she screams her little head off! I make sure I hold her at least a dozen times a day because she's so lonely right now with no other baby chicks to keep her company or snuggle with. She LOVES sitting on my shoulder! 😁😂❤️ Trying to think of a really good name for her I was thinking about miracle but seemed too cliche...?


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