My molters are being mean to my silkie. Please help.

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    I could really use your help. I have 6 hens. 5 are large breeds and all are moulting (2 RI Reds, 1 Sussex and 1 Americauna, 1 silkie). The silkie is the oldest. Historically they have all gotten along great over the last 2 years. Last april we lost a silkie to cocci. All of a sudden, when the 5 big girls started molting, they are all bullying the silkie and have excluding. She's scared and upset. It's heartbreaking. I'm thinking of adding another silkie for her to have a small bread friend to hang with but now read that adding to the flock can be stressful but it's the molters that are being jerks. Super lost. Do you have any advice? Thank you.
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    Definitely don't add another silkie unless you plan to house them separately from the rest. Silkies often end up bullied in a mixed breed flock.

    What are feeding? Chickens need a higher protein feed during the molt. They can become aggressive if they are lacking protein.

    I personally would separate out the silkie for a while. Make a separate area for her within your coop to give her a break.
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    I wouldn't try to house Silkie with Large breed Chickens. Higher protein might help..:idunno
    Certain breeds are more aggressive and Silkie are Docile Chickens. Rehome her or set up another pen and get a couple more Silkie Chickens..

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