My momma hen just died in my arms, leaving four babies


10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
Santa Fe, TX
I have four orphan chicks. My hen Dusty just died in my arms. I'm so sad. We've had so many problems raising this batch of chicks.
The babies are about four weeks old and starting to feather out a bit. We also live in South Texas and it's getting hot here, usually in the 80s-90s during the day.

Do I need to bring the babies in? Should I hope that another hen takes them in? They've been living with the other hens just fine when momma was watching them. Now I'm not so sure how they'll do. Chip, the other hen who hatched out chicks has been perching with the rest of the flock for a while now, so I'm not sure she'll take them in.
I personally would separate them from the older hens you can keep them outside in a cage/brooder/rabbit hutch or take them inside.

I am sorry for your loss :( thats so sad
Thanks everyone, I managed to separate them from the main flock. I'm bummed about about the whole thing. RIP, Dusty. You were a good mom and a good hen.

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