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Apr 16, 2007
Across the road from my house is this big $500,000 house complete with an UGLY tennis court in the front yard. roll The house was on the market for over a year before some people bought it. The family that bought the place are obviously "new money". They drive brand new BMWs, the dad has a brand new motorcycle and the 2 kids have brand new bikes and a go cart.

Last summer they hired 2 guys to mow their yard. I was leaving to go to town one day and noticed a pickup PARKED in my ditch. I looked across the road and saw the guys mowing. I called one of them over and told him that my ditch is not a parking lot. He said that they forgot their ramp to get the lawn mower out of the truck and assured me that they wouldn't do it again.

WELL they did do it again...ALL SUMMER LONG! They tore up my ditch all last summer. Each time they were there me and DH both told them NOT TO PARK THERE AGAIN! Morons!

We were very happy to see that new money daddy bought himself a brand new riding mower. clap

It seems that new money still has money to spend...he has the guys mowing this year too. AND the morons are parking in my ditch again. They did it for the first time this season the other day. I sent DH to tell them to get the BLANK off my property. He came back and told me that he told them they can use my ditch to unload and load their mower because they said they DO NOT OWN a ramp. DH said as long as they don't tear up the yard then it's ok. They DID tear up the yard AGIAN!

I could spit nails. They are tearing up my grass, putting ruts in the ground and spin tires on the gravel of my driveway. Another problem is that my town installed lines for city water (I don't use it though because we have a well). The lines are right there beside the driveway where these guys drive into my ditch. If they damage these lines I have to pay to fix them.

Not only are those guys a problem but the 2 kids are terrible too. They drive their go cart all in my ditch and kick up gravel in my driveway too. One of the kids was JUST NOW in my ditch on his bike.

I'm thinking about planting bushes along the sides of my driveway so the truck can't get into my ditch. Am I overreacting???
Put up some signs saying stay off the grass, violators will be prosecuted. It's time to play hard ball with these guys. Have a paper brought up and notorized about being on your said property and have it delivered to them by the sheriff. The next time they are on your property call the sheriff.
No, I think you shouldn't have to have people wrecking your property. We have problems here too. I live right at a very pretty covered bridge, part of the reason we bought this place. In the summer there are probably about 10 vehicles per day that stop to take pictures, which is fine by me. The problem is many of them pull in my yard, hop out and take pictures. Would they like it if I parked it their yard? Not to mention I have two little boys playing out there. We put that underground electric fence in so that people wouldn't know where our dogs can and can't go, they still pull in the yard, hop out, and ask if the dogs bite. I say YES!
No, you're not overreacting. It's your property, you paid for it, you pay taxes on it, and you are responsible for it.

Tell those bozos to bug off. It's not your responsibility to help them get their lawn mower out of their truck.

I don't think you should have to plant bushes, either. Just tell them to go away. The kids too.

Thats my grumpy New Englander coming out maybe, but I'd be feeling a little nuts too, if I were in your place.
Is there a way you can put a few T posts in the ditch?? Just plant them in the ditch, put a small wire between them, and plant morning glories on it!! Of course, a few rounds of barbed wire in the ditch will stop em as well!
Time to talk with those neighbors, make some "friends".... and most importantly tell their kids to KEEP OFF you stuff!

As for the mowing crew... maybe a small decorative fence on the road side, or a bunch of small logs lining it will dissuade them... and when they run it over, bring them a bill for damages.
I spike in a few 12" railroad timbers beside your driveway and plant the bushes. Once the bushes are big enough to keep people out of the ditch you can remove the railroad timbers. People simply have no respect for anything or anybody anymore.
Pictures of damage coming soon...

We own our ditch and half of the road running the length of our property so they have NO RIGHT to damage my ditch.

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