My new babies!

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    I raise meat rabbits, and I also provide chicks for spring photo shoots for my 2 bff's who are pro photographers. This year, since I now live on a large farm with plenty of room for whatever I want, they requested duckies and bunnies. Duckies are easy, I got 3 Anconas easily at a flock swap at TSC on the weekend and can easily go back for more if these get too big. I wanted to try ducks this year anyway. But one of my friends didn't want to use my meat rabbits (CA and NZ) b/c she thought their red eyes were creepy. [​IMG] (She's weird like that, but I love her anyway. [​IMG]) So at the same swap, there was someone selling the cutest little bunnies with the prettiest dark lashed eyes I have ever seen! I was going to buy them regardless, but the guy told me they were English Spots and are great meat bunnies. They are too cute to eat, though, so I may end up reselling them or just breeding them once a year for my friends to use the babies in their spring pics, then sell the babies and don't ask questions from those who buy. ;) The guy told me they were both girls, but my kids were holding one last night, and I double checked the one his wife had said she'd checked but we didn't recheck, and it is in fact a boy. I really hope the other is a girl! They are super cute!


    And here's my favorite pic from last year's photo shoot! :D

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