My New Chi Puppy!!!!!! Whooo hooo Tharrell!

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  1. I found 2, 16 week old Chi brothers on my local craigslist a couple of days ago and this morning I went to take a look at them.
    I had been talking to the woman who bred them and already had an idea about which puppy I might take home.
    So we piled everyone in the car and got on the road at 7am, my husband does a double shift at the theater on Thursdays and couldn't take the time out and the "breeder" is going on vacation this weekend and was trying to place the pups in their homes by Friday so we went this morning. I really wanted to try and get one of these pups because they were only $300 and had CKC regristration, first and second puppy shots, two wormings, raised with kids/cats/other dogs and were already partially housebroken. I have been wanting and looking for a Chi pup that fit all that but they are all in $1000+ range and I just couldn't afford that.
    We got to her house at about 8:30. We pull up to this gorgeous historical colonial almost just like our house.
    Mu husband and I get out of the car and go up to the house and we are greeted with the frantic barking of about 8 dogs in their fenced in yard.
    We knock on the door and the woman opens the door, and we are hit in the face and knocked over with the most horrible smell I have ever smelled. It was like 100 cats had peed in her house. She shows us into her living room and then calls for her 9ish year old looking daughter to go get the puppies and mom from the yard.
    The people looked clean, the animals looked very well taken care of, but the odor, and the furniture was horrendous. I about gagged when the little girl came back in and flopped down on this couch that just looked GROSS.
    The Mama dog was the most friendly Chi I have ever met, most of them are a little reserved with strangers but she practically leapt into our arms and her whole body wiggled with delight at having visitors. She had four pups, two girls and the two boys. The two girls were already sold to family members. There was a solid fawn boy named Fabio who was like his Mama and just nuts, dancing on his hind legs, wildly licking my entire face, in my ears up my nose, it was just a little nuts. He would not calm down and I am looking for a calm gentle lap dog to keep me company.
    Then there was a little fawn and white boy named Sluggo. I hate his name but he is the sweetest, snuggliest little boy. They called him that because he was the fat calm lazy puppy of the litter. I was worried at first that he was too reserved and shy but once I saw how he acted with the woman and her daughter, who he knew well, giving kisses and wanting to be picked up and loved, etc. It was a done deal and I had to have him.
    I couldn't have gotten him out of there fast enough.
    She gave me two sweaters with him, his collar, his papers, vet records, and food. I immeadiately brought him home and gave him a bath, and put his sweaters into the washing machine. He STUNK. But no fleas, his skin and ears were clean and everything.
    I washed him Aveeno baby wash and he smells Niiice now. AND he's already done his potty outside!
    He's wrapped in a baby blanket right in front of my keyboard as I type, he's adorable.
    BRB with pics...
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  2. [​IMG]


    No name yet, DH thinks I should name him Sushi which I vetoed quickly because I didn't want him to be a boy named Sue!

    Son wants to call him Taco [​IMG]
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  3. TXmom

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    Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww....he's just the cutest!!!!! Congrats on your new little boy! Too bad you're not close to us, he could come over and play with my 2 new chi's...a puppy play date...LOL.
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    Phoenix, AZ

    I like the name Taco! I had a pigeon with that name once.
  5. tharrell

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    Colorado Springs
    Awwww! Congrats on finding a puppy! I'm sure you will love him! Just remember don't treat him like a tiny dog, and he won't develop a complex, lol! Enjoy him, he will love you like no other breed of dog can.
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    Awww how sweet, totally reminds me of my friends corgi , Angus, in his pup pics... I think it's the same sweet facial expression because this guy is obviously a Chi! Congrats on your new puppy!

    Nancy [​IMG]
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    Very cute!! Those are some short legs!! Does he have any weiner dog in him?
    If he does would he be a Chiweiner, or Weinerhuahua? [​IMG]
    I have a chihuahua, Lilly, she is 7 yrs old. I got her at 7 weeks when she weighed 1.5 lbs.

    Just my opinion, but I think mexican food names for chihuahuas are w-a-y over-used. It seems like every one I see is named after something crunchy, cheesy, or spicy...
    I can say this because I am a chihuahua owner...right?? [​IMG]

    No offence, and if the name Taco sticks, it'll fit him fine [​IMG]
  8. Oh no, I wouldn't let him be a "Taco"... No way am I going to be calling out "Here Taco!" for the next 15+ years.

    I'm pretty sure we're going to call him Max.

    Yep, he's 100% Chi, his legs do look really short in that pic! They aren't that short. I'll get new pics probably tomorrow.

    Why didn't someone tell me these were super velcro dogs?! I can't move an inch without him coming with me, and he's all silly and lovie with me now! I'm not complaining! I've never had such an attached puppy before, now I am really glad I went with him and not his brother. Can you imagine how wild his brother would have been with me once he warmed up if he was that nutso with me as a stranger?
  9. tharrell

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    Just from looking at the two pictures, I wouldn't be shocked if he wasn't purebred. He looks a little mixed to me. And trust me, CKC papers mean squat, I could register a toy fox terrier with them as a chi and they would accept it. You shoud post some more pictures. And yes, they stick to you like glue! Get used to it, you not have a constant companion!!!
  10. And he is a seriously good kisser... LOL

    Only another dog person would get that and not think me a perv...

    When I got my Newfie puppy over a year ago I couldn't wait for puppy kisses and puppy breath. Well I never got either because I think he has only given me a kiss like twice in over a year! He's just not kissy. Now this little guy will have full out make-out sessions with you if you let him!

    It's good to be so adored!

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