My new chick is lonely! Please send good vibes!


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9 Years
May 12, 2010
I'm on day 21 of hatching. Yesterday I had one pip but no zip and I'm pretty sure it has died ... no activity with it and it just looks different than it did earlier. One other one has hatched. She made it out in about 3 hours. Now I'm waiting for 5 others to hatch. I'm hoping they do so soon. I don't see anymore pips or anything yet, but my one lone chick is really lonely. She's just wandering around the incubator peeping really, really loud! I feel so bad for her! I hope she soon has some friends. This is the 3rd batch I've tried and this one is the only success thus far. I'm sure hoping those others hatch soon! Please send me good vibes!


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I'm sending'm.

I wish her luck with beautiful, healthy chicklets hatching around her as her friends
I wish her to be a sweet, people-loving henny or roo who never falls ill
I wish her to be happy at your home and hers for her whole life
and nothing in the world against her.

There. There's my non-denominational chicken prayer.

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