my new chick


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
my silkies

not sure was suposed to be a silky(wrong amount of toes and no leg feathers

my packing peanuts any ideas on breed
I think your packing peanuts are Barred Rocks....Not sure about the cutie yellow!

Enjoy those babies and have a blessed evening!
thank you... I can already see the temperment is a little different ... the silkies were way easier to get the pics than the others.... I am enjoying the already... its tuff trying to give them all the yellow one looks alot like one of my silkies without the feathers on him/her anyway
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I think your packing peanuts are barred rocks too. They look just like mine. I love the little mystery chick
Those are some neat colors. You'll have to post some more pics of it later so we can see what it becomes! Have fun
thank you... what are the temperments of barred rock roosters... I may get rid on my mean roos and keep one of theese instead
I got a closer look at my mystery chic... he/she does have the 5 toes one toe on each foot is small but no feathers on its feet... is it possible that its a silkie with out feathers on its feet? does that happen?

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