My New Chicken Video - "Chickens Just Don't Really Care!"

Pretty chickens...
Hilarious Cat
I'm not even sure what he'd do if he got the chance to go after them. I think he'd have a hard time of it with our rooster!

On the other side of where the chickens are standing on the rail there's a window so Quentin will alternate where he sits and paws at them. They are never concerned (but sometimes curious):

Like the chickens....LOVED the cat! Lol! Show stopper! You swung the camera back to the chickens and they were all "meh, he's annoying" and carried on. Ha ha!

Yesterday the rooster finally decided enough was enough and made a run (technically flying) for the door. Nobody really backed down so it's probably good the glass was there (but my money would be on the rooster!).

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