My new ducks won't come out of the barn!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kirstie, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. kirstie

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Ok so it's been an interesting week with our new ducks....

    Ok first we got 5 ducks (2 buffs, 1 fawn runner, 1 pekin and a Cayuga male), well our son got attached to Cayuga and named him. Of course he was eaten like 2 days later. I promised my son I would get him another one so I found some people selling some ducks. I got another male and 3 new females(Cayuga male, blue Swedish, black runner and Muscovy/Cayuga cross). 2 of the females flew away immediately (the blue Swedish and the Muscovy cross) and now the 6 that are left refuse to come out of the barn (for 3 days now)! Are they afraid of the predator? Or maybe because 2 flew away?

    Does anyone have any suggestions lol?!
  2. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    It is entirely possible that they know that the predator is nearby, yes.

    Sounds like you need to rethink the security and accommodations - you probably already are. Ducks need to be secure. And if you adopt adults, they need to be in a roomy enough enclosure, but one that will keep them there. Some recommend two weeks before letting them roam around at all.
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  3. kirstie

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Their pasture is about 50'x120' and then their section of the barn is 12'x12' but they all sit in one corner all the time lol! I was wondering if I needed to home them in the barn before they were in the pasture.
  4. chickens really

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    Yes, confine them to the barn for a week...I would rethink your current set up also..Build an enclosed Duck pen that is predator proof..They sound very scared and uncertain right now....Free ranging is fine as long as they remain safe...
    A Duck pen can be simple...Mine live in an enclosed 10x10 dog run and sleep in an insulated dog house at night...


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