My New Emu Eggs, 8 total.

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  1. So I went to a Safari Park where I got my Rheas, and I asked about Emus for sale, they Man said he had a nest and I was welcomed to the eggs because they have been loosing the eggs to racoons, So I went to go to the nest, The emu nest was in the back pasture with the Ostriches, So we had to haul but to get the eggs and get out because the Male ostrich was all up in our buisness and wanted to get us good..

    Please comfirm the temps, I have the Incubator at 96.5 as per the instruction book,

    What is the average weight of an Emu egg?

    Here are my Eggs weight

    01-25-2011 01-31-11 02-07-11 02-15-11

    Egg 1 - 537g 526g 526g 501g
    Egg 2 - 529g 518g 520g 498g
    Egg 3 - 530g 521g 521g 501g
    Egg 4 - 523g 512g 512g 490g
    Egg 5 - 511g 501g 499g 478g
    Egg 6 - 536g 525g 525g 503g
    Egg 7 - 532g 521g 520g 499g
    Egg 8 - 533g 524g 524g 501g

    Any hoo, Here are the pics of the Nest,


    So I have the eggs in a the Black Box as they say in the Incubator. I turn them twice a day a quarter turn. I have already orderd the Emu Trays for the Incubator and it should be in by Thursday so I can switch the eggs to that tray when they come in.
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  2. P.S, I dont know how long the Emu was brooding if anything.
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    wow what a beautiful sight. I love the color of those eggs.
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    I wouldn't want to meet the racoon that takes on a broody emu and can open one of those eggs~~ [​IMG]

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    I hatched mine in a Hova bator, at about 97.5 , 33-39% for 50 days, turned until I could see the egg rocking if put on the counter.
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    Love that male emu's face... he's like "Dude... I'm laying here" [​IMG]
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    I am no help at all with helping you in hatching these, but OMG! what wonderful luck!! I'm hoping for a fantastic successful hatch for you have free reign over the babies, or do you have to give some back after the hatch??

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    thoes weights are kinda of low most of my just laid eggs were over 600 grams. and i would turnthem a minum of 3 times a day 180 deg one way and then back never rotating them a full turn. i would bet that bird had been laying on them for a few weeks seeing they have lost around 10% of their weight or more. Just my opionion for what it is worth. [​IMG]
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    I'm shocked you didn't get your fanny Emu kicked! I want to try hatching them again, the only time we tried in the class the eggs weren't even fertile from the looks of it.

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