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9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
Hi all. I finally cleared about 1/4 an acre just to the west of my chicken house (you can see it in the upper right part of the image) and planted our garden. Along the north side (left side of screen) are my raspberries which get about 8 hours of sun and a little shade in the afternoon to help sweeten the berries and I have a little box planter of Cascade hops along each pole. The middle areas are the veggies and the south (right side of the screen) are my grapes, figs and kiwis. Back behind the chicken house where you see the gate is my asparagus and some small raised beds of greens, herbs onions etc (basically anything I don't want destroyed if the chickens jump the smaller fence. Right now I have about 50 tomato plants, 40 peppers, 25 watermelon plants, 100 dragon tongue beans, 250 crowns of asparagus, 50 Egyptian walking onions, 50 eggplants, and 50 different varieties of squash and zucchini, and 15 cucumber plants.

Great looking garden.
I hope mine looks that good.
My fence plans won't be quite so glamorous.
I have orange snow fence to use to prevent my feathered velocoraptors for devouring my garden.

We just cut our new garden ...
DH says it is too big, but, He says I plant too many plants in too small of a garden every year....

Like chicken math .... I figure I just need a larger garden.

We rented a sod cutter and we just have to move it all.
I figure we should be ready for the furtilizer and rotatiller tomorrow.

Planting next week.... Whoo Hooo!!
Thanks for the feedback. The fence should look even better once I get the oak boards on and stained. I didn't bother with a sod cutter just used a 3-point tiller and ground it up. Problem is the darn bermuda grass is coming back.
Wow that's an amazing garden! I'd love to have all that space to grow veggies and fruit! And you can grow kiwi! How lovely, we're lucky if we get enough sun to ripen the strawberry plants lol. My kids have just planted seeds in pots in the kitchen, broad beans, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes, wether they will grow or not who knows but as my husband says if they do we then have to find somewhere to plant them out! Lol we will resort to grow bags as the only space we had is now a chicken coop and run! Lol what you call a garden we call owning land, two different things as our gardens are small and surrounded by neighbours! Lol
A couple of thoughts.....

Not sure your zone, but here a Kiwi can get GIANT those little T posts will be like tooth picks holding it up. Figs are horribly invasive, they send root runners up for many feet.
You know I never thought about putting them out front! Lol we don't have a front garden really but have a drive way and grass to the side of that, recon I could make it work, thanks:) never seen a giant kiwi the ones we get from the market are egg sized, how big do yours get?!
Yes good point about the Kiwis. It is hard to see but I have them between two 4x4's concreted about 4 feet in the ground and 10 gauge wire running between them so hope to do espalier with them.
The kiwi I just removed, they take too much water for a SoCal garden, had a trunk that was 8" wide. It would have been bigger if it was not choked by the ring it was in. My dad put about 4 bags of concrete mix on each heavy thick walled cast iron T posts ends and super heavy wire for them to climb on. We can't get a couple of them out, going to hang a swing off the posts now that the kiwi is gone
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]In my garden there is a wide range of perennials, bulbs, ferns, shrubs and trees - many of them are very unusual, some are just beautiful garden plants. Perhaps the best description of this garden is that, it is more by accident, a natural, perhaps "wild" garden - a sympathetic marring of the exotic with native species hopefully increasing biodiversity and habitats for wildlife in the local area.[/FONT]

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