My new rescue - Sad and lengthy update


10 Years
Apr 5, 2009
Knowlton, NJ (Warren County)
I must be out of my mind!

I brought this guy home yesterday. We have been wanting a Rottweiler, but had decided that we were going to get one from a reputable breeder. I've dragged home many dogs over the years, and hadn't planned on dragging home another LOL.

But he's so sweet!

I hope I'm not going to regret this.
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OMG! He's cute!! I LOVE rotten-weillers! I miss mine.
Best wishes for a long happy life together!
What's his name?
Look at him, he's smiling. He's happy he found you.
LOL...he DOES look like he's smiling, doesn't he???
Hopefully it's a "Thank you for bringing me my new digs!" smile and NOT an "I can't wait to dig up the yard and eat your carpet" smile...heeheehee. He's a very handsome fella!!
Nice of you to give him a home.
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I don't think it's going to work out.

For the most part, he's been great. He's been affectionate, and friendly. He's good with my eight year old. He's bonded with me. I guess it's a rescue thing LOL. Bond with the one that brought you home. I can take his dish from him. I can boot him when he pees on everything.

He's an intact male. I'm sure he was an outside dog. His nails are nubs. He has callouses on his legs which I'm sure are from layiing on concrete or blacktop. I haven't brought him into the house, but I have no doubt that he's not housebroken.

He's dog aggressive, and that's the problem. He's the nicest dog around us peoples
. I have an older Shepherd mix (Shepherd/Collie, I think). He's deaf now, and his legs are bad. My mother has a Jack Russell, and she's in season. Once the new dog gets an eyeball on our dogs .... GAME ON! He's so freakin strong!! It's not curiousity. He wants the other dogs! He is an extremely dominant dog.

I can get him neutered. I can take him for training, at $375- for six half hour sessions, with someone who is experienced with Rottweilers and Shepherds, etc.

I brought him home because a rookie brought him in on a loose dog call. He was inadvertently left in the prisoner garage for 24 hours. I found him in there, and fed and watered him, and walked him. He was such a doll. If the shelter came out for him, as we had requested, he would be put down. That's just the way it is. If I bring him back to work because we can't keep him, he'll be put down.

I would really like to keep him, but the dog aggression is such a negative. I don't really want to rotate all of the dogs in order to keep him away from the others. He'll have to stay in a crate when the other dogs are out, and alternate between a tie out and loose when the others are in the house. There's no way I can bring him into the house right now. He'll try to kill my geezer dog and the cats, and pee on everything in sight.

This is such a dilemma.

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