My pastured chickens are laying in the dang bushes-- they got a little wet...


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Ok, so, my pastured chickens are laying in the bushes instead of the little coop I provide for them (they used to lay in there, so I'm not sure whats up there!)... Well today it rained pretty hard, and while the bush protected them, they did still get a bit wet....

As far as eating these eggs, they need to be consumed fairly soon since the bloom (?) has been washed off... BUT as far as putting them into the incubator... What should I expect?

Will they still incubate and be viable hatches? I am only going to incubate the one egg from the one hen I know copulated (heehee) with the rooster... Today would be day 6 since the known kiss. My roo ratio is 1 roo to 6 hens.
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