my peaccock without feathers


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Mar 3, 2011
the probleme is i have a peacock with out feathers and without coulours i dont know if he is a male and what is his type soo i hope you answer this questions???if you want the picture of my peacock :
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You have to upload pictures onto BYC or a photo hosting site in order for us to see them. Also, keep in mind that this is a family forum.

Instructions for uploading pictures:
Looking at your bird, it appears to be female. Very typical for peaHENS to be drab colored and they won't have the train that males exhibit. I could possibly see some color on its neck - a side-shot in better light might help to visualize that. It could also be a very young male (btw - I am in no means a peafowl expert)

ETA - would be very nice for you to edit your title and try to upload your picture here. You'll get a much better response if people don't have to copy and paste links to find it.
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They were just informing you it would be best to change the title, as it will be removed by the mods because of the language... this forum is family friendly.

If you post a pic that we can see, someone would be able to try and help you. That format is not supported, so you have to post it in a way that we can see it so we know if the bird is totally bald, albino etc... etc... there could be many reasons.
the question is the yearling male india peacock have a feathers have the tails??,
It looks like a year old male to me... (has barred wings)... he wont start to get color for a nother year or 2
this is the link of the picture can you see it here
New members are not allowed to post links or pics right away. Not sure what the magic number is, but the moderators and admin do. It's an unfortunate side effect of the latest spammer attacks.

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