My Peeps!


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Hi BYC Peeps!! (waves)

I'm Hanna and I'm a definite newbie to the chicken world! Lot's of learning and of course, there's all those cute chicks!

My cousin Drew and I just picked up our very first chicks this past Saturday to start our, hopefully, long journey into the backyard chicken world. We have two Rhode Island Reds and two Ameraucanas. Very cute and living in the spare bedroom! Still building that outdoor coop but considering it snowed this morning, we're probably weeks away.

Well, I should explain these chicks aren't really ours. In reality, they belong to 4 of the 6 cats with whom we share our house but funny enough, we still end up doing all of the work. Lazy cats! The cats have decided to raise the chickens as communists which is just another reason the chickens won't be let in the house once they're grown.
The cats say they're still working on names for the chicks but are leaning towards naming them after their favorite characters from Silence of the Lambs. Not sure how I feel about a hen named "Hannibal the Cannibal" but it could work. The cats seem to be really excited about it, so how could we say no?

We're really enjoying the wealth of information on this site and it's definitely bookmarked!

So nice to meet all of you!!
Welcome my dear to the wonderful world of BYC!

StarGirrl is my friend in REAL LIFE and I sent her here to learn how to be a chicken person like us!

Two of her cats I found under my house as baby kittens with no mama and she bottle fed them and raised them up right!

Welcome to pine shavings in your hair and chicken poo on your boots, and the awesomest eggs on the planet!

Tell the cats to move over, that THESE guys will make you breakfast!

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