My pekin duck is have trouble getting up.


Mar 17, 2018
I have 2 pekin ducks. I have had them for two weeks now. One of the ducks was swimming while the other one was playing on the ground and when the one duck jumped out of the water, he hit the other ones leg. Now the duck has trouble getting up off the ground and has trouble at first trying to walk. Once the duck gets up he walk fine like there is nothing wrong at all. I am new to ducks so anything that y'll could help me with would be great thank you.
It's possible the duck could've had its leg sprained or something. If you can, catch the duck and feel its leg for heat/swelling or possible breakage (Hopefully it's nothing that bad)
Otherwise, I suggest giving the duck some niacin (brewers yeast works), as trouble with walking is often caused by a deficiency in it.
Both of the ducks are very friendly and you can hold it all day long run it's leg, pull it or whatever you want to do. It doesn't bother it at all. It's just when you put him down, he will fall and then it will take him just a few seconds and he will get up and walk away. I have noticed that he has been sitting to eat and drink and he use to stand up with the other until this happened
I'd think for sure the cause would be a niacin deficiency if you don't think anything is sprained or broken. I suggest feeding your duck some brewers yeast, or possibly even poultry nutri-drench (I suggest looking at something like Tractor Supply for this, or even amazon. Thats where I buy mine.) I wish the best for your duck and hope that he makes a full recovery. :)
Me to. That's where I got the ducks from. I got them both and the same time but the one that got hurt is younger than the other one. The one that is hurt is getting a little white and the other items starting to turn really white. But I will get me some that stuff and that you for all your help.
Would that brewer yeast hurt the other duck that is fine. Because they ducks are together and they eat out if the same feeder and drank the same water
It should be fine for both ducks, just don't give them a ton. There should be proper amounts to give to the ducks somewhere on the forum... if I can find it I'll edit it into my post.

EDIT: So from what I can tell, most people just sprinkle it over their food to make sure both ducks are getting it. Someone else mentioned adding 3/4th a tablespoon every three scoops of food they give their ducks.
If you really want to be accurate, I suggest the poultry nutri-drench since the label on the bottle says how much to give to the birds per gallon of water.
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