My pelkin Ducks won't get In their pool


Jul 21, 2016
Hey everyone, I am new to this site. I stumbled upon it googling ducks that won't get in water. We have three Pelkin females and they loved the water. Sometimes we couldn't even get them out of it to go to their coop at night. Now all of a sudden they are avoiding it at all cost. I read something about trying a kiddie pool that is a different color. We got a different one and noting changed. They act like their isn't a pool there at all. They will sit in mud and drink out of small puddles, they will even let me spray them with the water hose but they refuse to get in the pool. I read something about the cleanliness of the pool, making sure the water is fresh. I have made sure to continue to keep the pool clean and full of fresh water and still nothing. I have tried relocating the pool. I have even tried having multiple pools, still nothing. My poor ducks are so dirty, their eyes are foggy and it is over 90 degrees almost everyday. I am out of ideas and It has been over two weeks since they have been in a clean pool of water. What do I do?!


Have they grown too heavy to get into the pool?

I would set up a very easy (not steep, wide enough, with some grip so they won't slip) ramp into the pool, and some steps - like a stack of bricks - inside the pool so they can also get out easily.

Pekins especially have trouble with their legs, and having to hop in and out of a pool can actually hurt them.

I know someone who digs out a hole that the pool sits in so they don't have to climb in.
Some times a scare can get them away from the pool side fun....Add greens like lettuce or peas that float. Use your hand to splash in the water, the sound usually gets them interested again.? Keep the pool clean and clear.

Try that?

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