my pens that i built.and now with the phenix roo evrybody ;)


9 Years
May 31, 2010
i built the right side. started on friday. finished today. pretty good for someone who hasnt built anything before. now i just to get the wire for them. my grandfather helped me build the left side. i know im not supposed to tell my age and im sorry but im only 14 almost 15 and this is the biggest project ive ever worked on and completed so proud of myself!!!! ***patting myself on the back***


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thank you both. i love building..
and yes. hes a phoenix.! i love him although hes somewhat skiddish.
Massive Awesomeness!


Was very nice of you to let your grandfather be a part of the experience. He will remember it and the good time you two had building it together when he gets old.
lol. yea. i told him in order to get him started on helping me this will be a bonding time for us. lol. hes awesome. hes a master carpenter let me tell ya.if it wasnt for him i wouldnt have been able to build the other side.

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