My pet chick has not pooped ...


11 Years
Oct 3, 2008
in quite some time. She barely moves and has trouble standing. I posted an inquiry earlier and cocci was suggested as a possibility. So I seperated her in order to check her poop but she has NOT pooped in hours, at least. Any thoughts?
first off,, she NEEDS to drink,,, and not doing either is why she wont poop ,, if it was me,, i would get some gatorade and force it down her ,, she will NOT last long not drinking ,, but water is fine,, and WAY better then nothing.
How about a little sugar in the water.

Somewhere here is a post with the recipe for homemade electrolytes.

Maybe someone will clue us in or you could do a search on that.

Good Luck.
I know this sounds gross but get a paper towel wet and rub its butt and it should stimulate it to poop. Sometimes they will eat applesauce.
yep...check to make sure the vent is clear..clean it if it isn't..

give water by drops on not pour water down it's throat.

do you have vitamins and electrolytes on hand?
here is your other post:

"They (we have 2) were gifts to my children so I don't know the breeds (they're not the same) or age but we've had them for about 7-8 weeks. They have grown considerably and seemed healthy. About two weeks ago, the one in question was eating and moving very little. This past weekend, she began eating well and seemed to be acting normally. However today, she is barely moving. Not eating or drinking at all. Since both are in the same cage, I can't tell about the poop but there is definitely runny poop in the bedding. She has no energy and falls after just seconds when trying to stand/walk.
Please help!"

what ALL do you feed?
what bedding are you using?

please check the crop..the crop is a little sac near the bottom of the neck, on top of the breast, slightly to the right..
sometimes it's easier to feel it from the back and reach around.

have the kids been handling the chicks a lot?
are they being kept warm? out of any draft?
where are you keeping them?
are you giving them chick grit?
does the chick have wet eyes, or have any wheezing?
does it feel cold?

try and get some POLYVISOL liquid baby vitamins..Enfamil brand if possible, no iron..
give 3 drops on beak once a day for a week..taper off for a week...can get at any pharmacy..
commercial electrolytes mix can be found at most farm/feed stores..or in a pinch..diluted Pediolyte can be used.(1/2 and 1/2 dilution)

it's possible she has cocci, or some other enteritis....but could be something what she's eating or other factors..

will wait for your reply to questions..
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