My Pet Chicken (Hatchery)

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  1. robinwhiskers

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    Aug 13, 2017
    That's where I got my chickens from at 2 days old and they're now 8 months old and healthy and happy.
  2. Sphynxlover

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    Jan 27, 2018
    Hampton Roads Virginia
    They don't post all the reviews!? That is defiantly sketch and makes me kinda upset. I bought my chicks based on the reviews.
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  3. jesslie.sim

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    Apr 4, 2018
    I'm happy that I didn't experience a box of dead chicks or similar, however, I have had a very time-wasting frustrating time dealing with this company. I thought I was ahead of the curve this season ordering 15 chicks in early December while not needing them until late February, as well as their Bungalow coop with an extra nesting box. I had a little difficulty due to the fact that their website wasn't user friendly and there was a page of their inventory I missed, but when I called they changed my order free of charge because of the understandable error and I thought I was doing great!
    My coop arrived when expected and I promptly stained and weatherproofed the wood. I heard back from the company saying that, while they were currently out of extra nesting boxes, there'd be more in March. This was no problem since my birds wouldn't need the coop until after then.
    Next I get a call two days before my supposed ship date of late February and am told that I won't be able to get my requested order for chicks until May and ADDITIONALLY I have to make compromises with the breeds at that time. I wouldn't be compensated for this delay or the breed change.
    This, even after making sure that my order was in an entire season in advance! This was bad news and ultimately unacceptable. I talked to another hatchery and had to order a straight-run, but I got my desired breeds promised to me as good as shipped by the very next week. I canceled my chick order with MPC.
    Now its early April and I've checked in several times to get the extra nesting box I need for my flock and have been turned away each time. I will have to buy an entirely new coop. I found a very similar coop with the two nesting boxes at for an even cheaper then the one-nest-box coop I purchased with My Pet Chicken, and it will arrive soon. I will have to sell the old one for a reduced price and re-stain and weatherproof the new one, but there are no other options for me based on the size of my flock and the space I have for my coop.
    For the folks that are having a good experience with this company, I'm glad for you. At best they were a waste of money and time for me.
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  4. karenharvell

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    Apr 8, 2019
    I can tell you that I ordered from them and it has been a great experience! All chicks arrived quickly, healthly, vigerous, and all survived. They have EXCELLENT customer service...even with my stupid questions. If you don't want to order 5 -15 of the same breed thay are who you want. You can order 1 of each of whatever so long as your total is enough to get them there safely.
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    My pet chicken has not improved. The accuracy is still questionable, and now if you find out you have a rooster by him crowing, you are most likely too late to report it. I ordered 4 chicks in June and 1 was a rooster. Since it was past 22 weeks they politely said enjoy your $33 rooster, we will not be refunding you. They are the only hatchery that offers a Favacauna so I couldn't have ordered it from anywhere else.

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