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    Jun 24, 2013
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    My "kids" are a month old and tthree weeks old and i have two positive and a few im waffling on. My boys are still not as feathered as my girls-they will usually be the last of their breed to feather (dont compare an australorp to a red). Give it another week or two and post pics, you should have a better idea vy then. Sorry the red didnt make it, i hope your flock thrives!
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    Jul 15, 2013
    I really had my hopes up that ordering from My Pet Chicken would go well, but so far it has been a nightmare. I tried to call them three separate days last week to follow up on a coop order that had not materialized, and a chick order, and each time was on hold for over 15 minutes with no response. When I e-mailed them, I got no answer, even two days later. I finally got really upset when I saw they were merrily posting away on Facebook the whole time, so *somebody* was home. So I posted there, and stated my problem. That got a response from them, and the lame explanation that my e-mails had gone into their spam folder.

    I ordered close to a dozen chicks which were shipped Monday. The Post Office performed well. However, so far three have died. The last one to die couldn't stand, had one foot splayed out, and was seizing up. They supposedly vaccinated my larger chicks for Marek's, but said they couldn't vaccinate the smaller ones. Does this mean they have Marek's and are carriers?

    I have e-mailed MPC three times with no response, either about refunds or replacements. I understand that shipping is hard on chicks, what is concerning me is the lack of reply from MPC.

    I ordered their new coop well over two weeks ago, still haven't received it, and was finally told (when I could get through to them) that it would ship today. I've asked them yet again whether it has shipped, but so far no response.

    MPC is a good concept -- a one-stop, online resource for backyard chickens -- but their customer service is dismal. I would never use them again.
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    I have had excellent results ordering from MPC and great customer service. I am in central CA, my chicks arrive in less then 24 hours, flying into Sacramento from Ohio and then delivered to my city post office about 3 hours from there. The last time I ordered was last fall, I ordered a couple Silver Sebrights in with the mix and when the hatch didn't go as planned the customer service at MPC called immediately and kept trying until they were able to reach me in an effort to make sure the chicks could ship as planned that day and not have to hold over until the next day. I also had e-mailed them a couple of times regarding my order and I always got a response the same day. The chicks arrived bright and active, I've never had a doa or had one die soon after arriving yet. Overall I've been very happy with MPC.
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    Jul 15, 2013
    @cafarmgirl, because there are some positive reviews on MPC, I had my hopes up when I ordered from them. Sadly, I have not been as fortunate as you.
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    I got a mixed batch 2 each of red star, barred rock and black australorp 20 weeks ago from MPC. The reds started laying at 17weeks! My pro layer, Goldie, hadn't missed a day until today...I think she dropped 2 rubber eggs I found on the coop floor. The reds are compact in size, gentle in demeanor and lay nice sized eggs almost daily. So, ya, I'm really impressed so far with them! My only worry is that they will burn out sooner than the other breeds, which would make me sad. I mean, c'mon who wants to ovulate every day right?

    My barred rock gwyneth laid her first egg this afternoon, followed by much victorious b'gawking that drew me to the backyard to find her freshly laid mini egg. The barred rocks are by far the obnoxious ones that like to harass me to no end, constantly biting me when I clean the coop. No one else does this! The australorps are gentle, more like the reds.

    I believe all of them turned out to be hens as planned, and so far, the journey from day1 to week 20 went well with my MPC chicks.
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    Mar 14, 2013
    I got mine in the same batch as you - May 6? Mine (7 girls) are 20 weeks also - my gold sex link (golden buff) also laid her 1st egg at 17 weeks and has laid every day except 1 - the day after she missed she laid a double yolker - yes this freaks me out a little bit too - big burnout concerns! She is an awesome chicken - friendly as can be - last to go in at night (doesn't want to miss a thing) and 1st out in the morning. Here she is the day before she laid her 1st egg :)


    My BR laid her 1st egg 6 days ago and laid her 2nd yesterday -tiny little pullet eggs for such a big chicken and my RIR laid her 1st tiny egg yesterday. So 3 out of 7 laying at 20 weeks tomorrow and the sun is going down quite early here in MA so I'm surprised they are laying at all!

    As far as MPC - All 7 of my chicks arrived safe and sound in less than 24 hours after shipping - I've not had a single problem *knock on wood* - they are all happy, healthy little hoodlums having a grand old time :)
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    So I would like to amend a previous post regarding MPC.

    I ordered light brahma's, but now after six weeks it appears that the birds are in fact dark brahmas. Not the end of the world, just not what I ordered.

    As MPC got the chicks from Meyer, it's unclear if it was their error or the hatchery.
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    Late update: I got the call on Tuesday morning bright and early I opened the box and all of them were alive and trying to jump out!!! I even got the breeds that were sold out, and I had asked about their availability!!!! They are so sweet and better then the chicks I usually get at the feed store. They are so friendly they come running to you when you open the cage door!! It's a hard job keeping them in there
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    Mar 17, 2013
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    Jun 16, 2013
    I recently received an order for 3 red star and 3 buff orps and no mareks vacs and over two weeks old all six are healthy, strong and even playful.

    Is it possible your e-mails had actually gone into their spam folder? I don't fault people without more evidence other than my email was not replied to. On a prior order I had losses (Australorps that were Mareks vaccinated) and they never had me on hold more than 2 minutes. They replaced the losses quickly (it was in season might be tricky this time of year out of season) but I always wondered if some of the losses were not because of the vaccine is why I did not get this batch vac'd?

    I can say I am certain the six I just got did not and do not have mareks from the source. For a small closed private flock I believe the mareks is optional so why risk it? I am 90% certain the lost chicks were because the post office held them extra hours instead of updating the status (online as waiting for pickup) not bringing them out to the delivery as the status indicated (so mailman was cruising by at noon like "hey how are you?" - I was like "Um great... where are my chickens?") so by the time I ran up and got to them they had been 70 degree air conditioned for hours and hours.
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