My pet chicken

I ordered 16 chicks from them 2 years ago. All came quickly and they all came healthy. They also have a great web site. I have no problem with them.
If I am remembering correctly, they are not a hatchery but a broker. You will get your chicks from what ever hatchery can supply what you need. Still, I was happy with them
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You are right, ButchGood, all of My Pet Chicken's products, including their chicks, are drop shipped from other companies. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but I would rather deal with a hatchery directly.
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I just received 7 chicks ordered from My Pet Chicken (hatched at Meyers). I ordered from MPC because I just like their internet interface much better - so easy to see what was available and make chick choices! I also changed my order several times and they happily did that without any extra charges and were kind and helpful too!
They hatched Monday - were 15 hours en route and arrived here at 11 am yesterday morning. Happy, healthy and full of life! - Running, chirping, flying, preening, eating, sleeping - and last night they started playing games. I brought in a big clump of dirt with dandelions and violets in it and they LOVED it. One will get a little something in it's mouth and run fast and they all run after her thinking she's got a bug or something - what a riot - We've have been totally entertained since they arrived :)
Completely happy with My Pet Chicken

I got 5 chicks from My Pet Chicken delivered 4/30, 22 hours or so of travel for them. All the chicks were warm, clean and healthy and currently sitting in a 50 gallon bin behind me peeping up a storm. I found their website nice and easy to use, and their prices and shipping seemed to be cheaper than going directly through the hatcheries if you were getting a small order.

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